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Personal Injury

Florence Chiropractor Creates Wellness Care Plan for Personal Injury Patients

Personal injury treatment and recovery is one of the many
services available at Advantage Health & Wellness Center. Our
Florence chiropractor will assist you with your personal injuries, which
can be the result of a car accident, work injury or sports injury.
These injuries can cause back pain, neck pain, and headaches and
migraines. Personal injury care is important for preventing more damage
and serious injuries in the future. Wellness is a goal at our clinic and
our chiropractor is dedicated to providing quality care for your
personal injuries or other conditions that are causing pain and

At Advantage Health & Wellness Center, we will begin treating
your pain with a full physical and lifestyle evaluation. We not only
evaluate your pain and injury, we will also look at lifestyle factors
such as sleep habits, eating patterns and stress levels. Your physical
examination may consist of X-rays and other tests to determine the
trigger of your pain. Once you have been evaluated, then our Florence
chiropractor can design a unique chiropractic plan to treat your
personal injury and manage your pain. Personalized treatment plans
consist of non-invasive techniques such as chiropractic adjustments,
physical therapy, trigger point therapy and massage therapy. These
therapeutic techniques along with some lifestyle changes will not only
help relieve your back pain, neck pain and headaches, but will also
assist in eliminating and preventing further discomfort.

Physical Therapy and Other Companion Therapies Complement Chiropractic Techniques

Personal injury rehabilitation typically requires a series of
chiropractic adjustments and several weeks or even months of therapy to
heal. Our Florence chiropractor will treat common symptoms such as back
pain, neck pain and stiffness, strained muscles and spasms that result
from a personal injury. A common personal injury sustained in a car
accident is whiplash. It can cause excruciating pain, but the pain may
not appear right away. Chiropractic treatment is critical for whiplash
injuries in order to prevent more damage to the back and neck area.

Physical therapy, which consists of corrective exercises and
stretches, is effective for car accident injuries or sports injury like
back strains, muscle sprains and torn ligaments. Massage is the perfect
companion for spinal adjustments and physical therapy. Massage therapy
will relax the muscles and get your blood pumping through your tissues
to promote healing and amp up your immune and digestive systems. It also
helps reduce inflammation and heal tissue damage.

Herniated discs are familiar personal injuries that can be the
result from a car accident injury or a slip and fall accident at your
workplace. This injury occurs when the vertebrae is misplaced and slips
through a tear in your back or neck tissue. Chiropractic adjustments can
help guide herniated discs back into their proper place. Massage
therapy in conjunction with your adjustments will assist in
strengthening muscles and tissues around the vertebrae which will
prevent your discs from herniated again.

Whether your back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines or
other musculoskeletal pain is from a personal injury accident or other
conditions such as poor posture, arthritis, fibromyalgia our Florence
will assist you in getting the pain relief you need using
natural, non-surgical techniques to treat and manage your pain. Visit
our wellness center today for a full consultation.

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