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Car Accident Injury

Florence Chiropractor Helps Patients Recover from Car Accident Injury Pain

If you have been involved in a car accident, our Florence
chiropractor at Advantage Health and Wellness Center is here to handle
all of your chiropractic and physical therapy needs. Whether you’re
experiencing neck pain, back pain, whiplash, headaches and migraines or
general health concerns related to an auto accident, we’re your
chiropractic source for individualized physical rehabilitation and
recovery from car accident injury and whole-body health.

Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches and Migraines Resulting from a Car Accident Injury

Car accident injury is never expected, but can leave us experiencing
pain, discomfort and missing out on activities of daily living. In some
cases, although we’ve been involved in an accident, some of us don’t
experience any pain at all. Whether you’re suffering from pain or not,
immediate chiropractic attention following an auto accident is
imperative to aligning whole-body health.

When force of impact is applied to soft tissues such as
ligaments, tendons and muscles, strain, sprain, contraction and
over-stretching of these structures can often occur. Neck pain, back
pain, headaches and migraines act as signals to the central nervous
system allowing us to become aware that postural alignment has been
compromised. While car accident injury often involves sudden
uncontrolled movement in the neck and back and can result directly in
pain and discomfort, some patients report a pain-free incident. Whether
you’re experiencing discomfort or pain free, immediate action is the key
to maintaining spinal alignment.

Why is your immediate response so important? Reporting your
experience directly following an injury ensures that healing takes place
to restore communication between the brain and spine, improving range
of motion, repairing soft tissues, aligning the spinal column and
preventing further damage from the force you were subjected to during
the car accident.

Reporting your experience of an accident right away is also
beneficial to provide your chiropractor with the most detailed
information possible. Because our caring chiropractors offer each
patient personalized care, the details you provide help develop a
comprehensive treatment plan that will involve postural screening,
postural realignment techniques, at-home corrective exercises and
specialized lifestyle suggestions that may involve nutritional or
supplemental suggestions. Every detail counts- we will ask questions
about the direction of force or if you experienced whiplash, immediate
neck pain or back pain.

While pain may be absent, force creates trauma and trauma creates
bruising and swelling that may take days or even a week to settle into
the body. Chiropractic care assists in comprehensively evaluating even
the most subtle subluxation to prevent an instance of pain. Our
chiropractors will apply a myriad of techniques and prescribe physical
therapy to complement your physical rehabilitation. By restoring
communication between the nervous system and rest of the body, soft
tissues and bones will begin to work together again.

Our Florence chiropractor is ready to meet all of your auto accident injury, neck pain, back pain and whole-health needs now!
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